Other documents

22 December 2020

Federal Law No. 39-FZ of April 22, 1996 "On the Securities Market"

Bank of Russia Directive No. 3890-U of 10.12.2015 "On Amendments to Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 3533-U of January 15, 2015" On the timing and procedure for drawing up and presenting reports of professional securities market participants in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation"

Instruction of the Bank of Russia of 08.09.2015 № 3773-U "On individual requirements for the activities of a forex dealer"

Instruction of the Bank of Russia of 02.09.2015 № 3772-U "On the order and timing of conducting forex-dealer accounting of contracts and transactions made in connection with their execution"

Instruction of the Bank of Russia of 13.09.2015 No. 3796-U "On the requirements for the procedure for the formation of the compensation fund of the Self-Regulating Organization of Forex Dealers, as well as the procedure and conditions for compensation payments"

Regulation of the Bank of Russia "On licensing requirements and conditions for the implementation of professional activities on the securities market, restrictions on the combination of certain types of professional activity on the securities market"

Instruction of the Bank of Russia "On the Procedure for Licensing by the Bank of Russia of Professional Activities on the Securities Market and the Procedure for Maintaining the Register of Professional Participants of the Securities Market"

Instruction of the Bank of Russia of 09.03.2016 No. 3977-U "On the requirements for drawing up an estimate reflecting the possibility of self-regulation by the organization in the sphere of the financial market of its functions"

Instruction of the Bank of Russia of January 25, 2017 No. 4270-U "On the list of core standards and requirements for their content that are mandatory for the development of self-regulating organizations in the financial market, combining forex dealers»