The current membership of board

Was elected as the General meeting of founders on March 01, 2021

The members of the Board of AFD are elected by the General meeting of members of the AFD for a period of 5 years and accountable

As of August 21, 2023.

Nedelko Zoya Mikhailovna Chairman of the Board
Volodkin Sergey Vladimirovich Member of the Board
Volkov Vladimir Nicolaevich Member of the Board
Daniliuk Taras Vasilievich Member of the Board
Procenko Guzel Nurgaianova Member of the Board
Tuchin Vadim Alexanderovich Member of the Board
Naumov Viktor Mihailovich Independent member of the Board
Sokologorskiy Alexander Gennadievich Independent member of the Board

The Competence Of collegium

  • making desigios on the development of draft core standards, the development and approval of internal standards and other internal documents of AFD; on the development of procedures and grounds for the application of internal standards and other internal documents of the AFD and the amendments thereof;
  • the creation of specialized bodies of AFD, committees and commissions AFD, approval of their regulations, including rules of carrying out activity by them;
  •  the  submission to the General meeting of the members of the AFD of a candidate or candidates for approval to the post of Head of the AFD;
  • the appointment of the person exercising the functions of the Head of AFD, the early release of such person from office (post)
  • the decision on the admission of a person as a member of AFD/members of AFD or its exclusion from members of the AFD/of candidate members of the AFD on the grounds stipulated by legislation of the Russian Federation, this Charter, internal standard AFD “terms of membership of AFD” and other in.,ternal documents of the AFD;
  • setting the size or order of calculation and order of payment of entrance fee, membership fees and other contributions;
  • approval of estimates of AFD, amendment, approval of the annual report and annual accounting (financial) statements of AFD
  • making decision about participation and about stopping of participation of AFd in noncommercial organizations- claim of the measures applied in regard to the members of AFd , on recommendation of the Discipline committee of AFd;
  • electing of checkup committee (inspector) and determination of public accountant organization (public accountant) for verification of annual accounting (financial) control of AFd
  • approval of transactions, which there is an interest, according to provision 27 of t Federal law  about noncommercial organizations (12.01.1996).
  • identifying issues that can be considered by absentee vote;
  • approval of current and future plans AFD
  • adoption of AFD decisions on creation of branches and opening of representative offices of AFD, the AFD creation of other legal entities and participation (termination of participation) of AFD in other legal entities;
  • the endorsement of  appointment and dismissal of heads of branches and representative offices of AFD;
  • the convening of the General meeting of the members of the AFD;
  • control over the activities of the head of the AFD;
  • solution of other matters not within the competence of the General meeting of the members of the AFD.