New edition of the Framework Agreement of Alpari Forex LLC

20 September 2017

Alpari Forex LLC has updated the Framework Agreement and other documents regulating the company’s activities and defining the terms of cooperation with customers. Recall that the draft Framework Contract was registered in the SRO of the Association of Forex Dealers in May 2017, and now the company Alpari Forex has made timely adjustments to the previously set trading conditions. With the new edition of the document you can find on our website, in the table “Projects of documents of LLC” Alpari Forex “.

Main changes: reduction of the minimum deposit amount to 10 000 RUB;

Adding Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders;

reducing the Stop Out level to 100%;

revision of the value of commissions for the transfer of positions the next day.
The changes will take effect after approval in the SRO. All this is part of the effort to increase the attractiveness of the Russian Forex market.

The new terms of cooperation will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the quality and comfort of trade. Recall that the company Alpari Forex is the Russian legal entity of the international financial brand Alpari, owned by businessman Andrei Dashin. The company provides Russians with access to the OTC foreign exchange market and enables them to trade the most liquid instruments.

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